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Holsteiner Breeding
Over the last 25 years in Canada we have raised, trained, and competed with our Holsteiners placing successfully in major events within Canada. We are pleased to offer a wonderful selection of our horses for sale.
Our goal is breeding 100% holsteiners with the Europeans influence.
We believe in raising good mares to produce good horses as 75% of the quality come from the mares. Because it’s not selected like a stallion, the mares are always selected by the breeder. The pedigree and the ability of jumping/ dressage, the behavior are important to get an easy horse.
Our breeding program started with our three imported Holsteiner broodmares which carry two main breeding lines. One of which is the ‘C’ line going back to Capitano, Corporal, Cottage Son and on the dam side Romantiker, Ramiro Z, all back to Ramses.
Our second breeding line is the “S” lines going back to Silvester, Silversee, Silver Matal and on the dam side, Capitano, Corporal, Cottage Son,
We have ten broodmares out of these two lines. We cross with Cicero (Cor de la Bruyere), Landslide (Landgraf I), Linaro (Landgraf I), Silvano N (Silvester), Ariadus ( Accord II), Quinar (Quidam de Revel), Mosquito (Molke), Milano (Mosquito), Von Burgraf (Burgraf, by Landgraf I),  and also our stallion Corso (Cicero).