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Working Student
We are always looking for good riders/students, who would like to work with quality horses. The rider must be comfortable lunging and riding young horses, as well as continuing to jump the more experienced horses. Live in position is available.
This is an opportunity for enthusiastic, self motivated students/travellers to come and work with horses and improve their riding skills.

Jaymee from England, May - October 2016

When I left England in May, I was searching for an adventure and a new work experience...and all my boxes have been ticked!

My time hear at Gleneden Stables has been one to remember, whether this was working with the horses or exploring Canada. There are so many memories I will take home with me; like the time we went hiking up Enderby Cliffs, attending the Falkland Rodeo (my first!) and the Armstrong IPE, going to the lake during the summer, swimming with the horses at the Notra Ride and the trail rides at Timber Ridge, finding Ruth her perfect horse Cowboy (which took us to different places in BC and eventually a 3 day trip to Alberta to find him!), seeing Castello being born (and naming him), attending a clinic taught by Robin Hahn with Francis, taking Amy-Jay to her first show and other milestones with the four year olds. Just a few of the fun things I got to do; there is never a boring moment! 

The horses have been fabulous to work with over the last months and I loved seeing them progress over time. I also felt my riding improved with the lessons I had with Verena (dressage) and Ueli (jumping). I found the horses breeding lines very interesting, to see what makes the high quality Holsteiner. You will never stop learning and Ueli is always at hand to help if you have any issues. The stables has super facilities and farm life was great to learn from. I believe here you have the best view in Salmon Arm. The landscape is just simply beautiful and you will have to see for yourself.

I have had a fantastic time here in Canada with Ueli, Ruth, Jackie and the kids. I have met loads of new friends during my experience and hopefully will stay in contact. I have had such an awesome time!! So a huge thank you to Ueli and Ruth for allowing me this opportunity here at Gleneden Stables. 


Janine Kiener from Switzerland, January 2016 - May 2016

 Ein großes dankeschön an Ruth und Ueli. Ich habe vier unvergessliche Monate in Gleneden Stable verbracht. Ich habe so vieles dazugelernt und mit nach Hause genommen. Die Arbeit im Stall und mit den Pferden hat mir sehr Spaß gemacht. Ich durfte viele verschiedene Pferde reiten. Auch die Arbeit mit den jungen Pferden war sehr spannend. Zum Abschluss durfte ich noch bei einer Clinik von Robin Hahn mit reiten, die mir auch sehr lehrreich war. Von Anfang an war ich Willkommen geheißen. Ich habe viele nette und aufgestellte Menschen kennen gelernt. Kanada ist ein wunderschönes Land mit einem anderen Lebensstyle und sehr schönen Orten. Ich hoffe eines Tages zurück nach Kanada zu kommen und bei euch in Salmon Arm vorbei zuschauen.





Alina Jansen from Germany, July 2015- January 2016

Thinking about my time at Gleneden Stable, I have so many great and special memories! First of all I have to thanks Ruth and Ueli for the wonderful time i had. They took me to many places in Canada, to their friends or in the summer to the lake to go swimming. In winter I could go skiing with Ruth and it was awesome! I could ride so many different horses and my riding improved lots. I have learned much about horses, the daily farm work, as well as how to bake Ruth's amazing cakes and bread. Even if I was not a winter fan before, I love the snow and I had my first really white Christmas.

Ruth and Ueli are great people, who almost treat you like a daughter. Since I am in Canada I have met so many nice people. I will always think about the six awesome months that I could spent here and hope that I can come back soon.  



Camilla Baldas from German, April 2015 - July 2015

I spend four month at Gleneden Stable and I really enjoyed it very well. I learned a lot working with the horses as specially jumping the young ones. It was a great experience to ride so many different horses and to see how they improve. I'm thanks full for the great dressage lessons with Verena and the jumping with Ueli! The Shuswap area is beautiful and I really enjoyed the trail rides, walking, biking and to go to the lake. Ueli and Ruth made me feel welcome from the first day on and I really liked it to live at Gleneden Stable. I don't want to say "goodbye" just "see you later"...


Emelie Lueders from Germany , September 2014 - January 2015

I had such an amazing timer here in Canada with Ruth and Ueli. Both are so lovely people, who love what they do. It was not just hard work but we also had  a lot of fun together and I will really miss it. With riding so many different horses of any age I gained a lot of experience and the lessons with Ferena helped me a lot. It was fun to jump the horses and to see see the difference on a jumping show here to a German show. But I dind't just gained experience in riding, I also got to know a different country, life and people. Futhermore, the Canadian landscape is so beautiful. I enjoyed every trip in the nature and to see special things like the Salmon Run and a bear. I think that was really unique and I am so glad and thankful for everything they enabled me and that I could come here. I will miss it and hope I can come back for a visit one day...



Renee Schräder from The Netherlands, June-September 2014

My time at Gleneden Stables was amazing.

With all the different horses I got to ride here, and the lessons from both Ueli and a dressage trainer, I was able to learn a lot about educating horses. When I first got here I was amazed with how well-mannered all the horses are. Even the youngest ones are very kind and easy to handle. 
Even though Ueli and Ruth run a tight ship and know how they want everything to be done, I still got a lot of freedom in training the horses. I decided when I rode which horse and what horse needed a dressage or jumping lesson. When I got stuck in the training somewhere Ueli was always willing to help.
Apart from horse riding I got to do a lot of other fun things, for instance hiking up a mountain, visiting a fair, going for trailrides in the woods and swimming in the lake almost every week when the weather was nice.
Ruth and Ueli are very nice people who take great care of all their animals. I really enjoyed my stay, and I will miss Ruth’s amazing cooking and baking when I’m back home…


Carolin Scholten from Germany, March-July 2014

I had a wonderful and unforgettable time in Gleneden Stables! 
Ruth and Ueli are lovely and hard working people you can have a lot of fun with!

The horses are without exception good trained and have really good manners for young horses and it was a lot of fun to work with them.
I had a lot of freedom when I trained them and got help when I asked for it. 
I went to some shows to see how the horses developed and I saw a lot from the area around Salmon Arm and 
did a lot of different activities!

It was a pleasure to be here and to work with so many different and lovely horses.



Carolin Volpert from Germany, August-November 2013

I had a great working experience in Gleneden Stables and really enjoyed my time.  It was a good opportunity for me to ride so many different young horses. I went one competition for one time and learned a lot about the Canadian equestrian society. The atmosphere was really friendly and I met a lot of interesting and nice people. In addition my English skills improved a lot.


 Kathrin from Germany, September 2012 – March 2013


After I had finished school, I was looking for a horse job in an English country.

I had the aim to improve my English as well as my riding skills and wanted to get know another culture.
With Gleneden Stable I hit the bull's eye.

When I arrived I was a pretty strong rider and my English skills were really bad. I tried to ride every horse the same way.

But I got the chance to ride many different horses all day long. So I learned to develop the feeling for each of them, stay patient and try an exercise easily once more, when it didn't work at the first time.

The horses are great. If someone asked me my favorite horse, I could almost give no answer. Cause I liked all of them in their very own way. 

Now I go home as a sensitive rider with good English skills.

I had a great time at Gleneden Stable and was treated like a family member.

I met nice people, had fun and gained a lot new experiences.

So I advise that opportunity to everybody!



Noia Wyss from Switzerland, January 2009- August 2009 and January 2011- December 2011


In 2009 I came for the first time in Gleneden Stable, I  really enjoyed my time there, I rode many different horses and I was very impressed how they were all well behaved even the young ones, they all have a very good mind and they're nice and willing to learn. I think it' s a very good breeding ans to see the horses condition there open my eyes about horses detention. Having them outside most of the time keep them happy and quiet. I had the chance to do a lot of shows with different horses and it is fun to see the difference with Europe.

When I came the second time, I had more experience and was more able to train in the right way the young ones, Breaking the young ones was my favorite time, all the ground work and good handling is so important for the futur. I really enjoyed the freedom I had for training and riding and has some very interesting lessons. Beside riding, we went skiing few times, hiking and I could travel a bit around. I' ve met very cool and interesting people. I hope I will come back to Canada one day.